markus koch

Welcome to the Construction site. This becomes my newly designed page, which brings together old and new work. Just as my photography and cinematography develops, so should its presentation. Here, my device was: less is more. New work will gradually be added, while old work will be replaced or conjoined with the new. This page was created, to showcase images and films created in the past few years up until today. I hope some of the work appeals to you. For me it is, and always has been a passion to work behind the camera and be open to new impressions and all aspects of the process.

I am creating this Site on my own. If you discover and see any mistakes or problems by using the page, please contact me. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible. At this point I would like to thank everybody wo has shared their programming and design knowledge with me. Espacially, FancyBox, CSS Tricks, w3schools and selfHTML

The purpose is solely presentation. My work is not for sale, nor to be used for any commercial purposes. I do not take any responsibility for any links to external pages which may appear.